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Observing wild deer prompted a change of direction in my work for a number of years. A particular interest in animals in motion, whether it be wild Roe deer or the Red deer observed on the first of many trips to the Blair Atholl estate in Scotland. There I also observed the Garrons, the Highland ponies, being used to carry the stags down off the hill.  After showing these images, commissions came in to draw and paint a variety of different breeds of horses including, Dales Ponies and Icelandic Horses, as well as requests for both working and family dogs.

I travelled many miles to Game Fairs, accompanying organisations including, The British Deer Society, Scottish Countryside Alliance and The National Gamekeeper’s Organisation to show and sell work.  Also making work based on hunts such as, Claro Beagles of Harrogate, Weardale and Tees Valley, North Pennine Fox Hounds and Morpeth Hunt.

Works have mainly been commitions peices, in pencil, oil or water colour, some of which I have then had reproduced as Limited Edition Prints and cards, which can be purchased direct, by contacting me, email: yvonne@ or mobile: 07727706335.

Excellent Qualtiy materials have been used for prints,cards and envolopes.

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Prices: A5 size Cards are £1.80 each, + P&P at cost.

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